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High Voltage Capacitors, Low Voltage MPP Oil Filled Capacitors, Capacitor Bank With Associated Equipments, Low Voltage APP Capacitors, Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter, Sangli, Maharashtra, India

Mr. R. S. Shete
We have been witness to change all our life. And Change does keep happening all around us every movement.
Toady Change has acquired very rapid pace by technology, all of need to be vigilant of the changes & adapt to new environment, this is necessary not only for surviving but also for success. As Per our Missionto deliver highest quality product with innovative technology with services exceeding to customer needs we always try to provide better quality capacitor to our valuable customer.
Taking all this in consideration SHARDA Electronics & Co. Manufactures Hi-Tech designed capacitors with advanced manufacturing process. Our capacitor production includes advanced foil winding with extended, edge and end folding design, non-toxic NPCB impregnation oil with our group of well qualified and experienced engineers, skilled personnel this leads to achieving our motto "BEST QUALITY, ECONOMICAL, TAILOR MADE CAPACITORS".
Due continuously improvement in quality & innovative technology today we are having approvals of ERDA Vadodara, various electrical Utilities / Discoms, Transco ONGC of our country and major project consultants in India. Now finally I am thankful to our entire valuable customer without them it is not possible to achieve our aim, vision & mission & hope this co operation will be in future also.